Digital Signage 

Digital signage is the creative presentation of timely and relevant information via high quality screens placed in strategic locations.  
Great content will engage and deliver your message to your customers and employees. 

HDMI over IP Solution for Displaying your Media 

Are you looking for a simple solution for displaying your media – to both single and multiple sources? Do you want your clients and colleagues to be able view media at the same time in multiple locations? Using HDMI Over IP is a simple to use, powerful IP video distribution solution designed to deliver HD video from multiple sources to multiple displays. Up to 64 sources are able to present to up to 253 displays. It delivers HD video over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cables allowing for integration to a Gig infrastructure or can be installed as stand-alone. 
HDMI Over IP is engineered for scalability to accommodate large video distribution systems such as education, corporate, healthcare and hospitality applications. It is easy to deploy and customize your video system. You can build a video matrix system based around your current HD sources (PC’s, Freeview or Sky Boxes, DVD Players, streamed media etc.) and HD screens. It is a scalable platform enabling easy system growth. 
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 Digital Signage Networks 

A Digital Signage Network (DSN) is an effective method for communicating a dynamic message to your customers and employees whilst providing cost savings and flexibility over traditional print and notice boards. DSN solutions provided by Voicepath are completely scalable providing any business with a base platform to build a communication strategy, be that a simple standalone foyer or shop window solution to a global enterprise roll-out solution. 
DSN incorporates a Net Top Box (NTB) which will host and distribute a number of different Media formats and divides the Screen into different Zones allowing them to be displayed simultaneously from different input sources. A mix of information such as News/Events, Advertising, free and subscription TV, Power Point Presentations in addition to real time display of service issues, evacuation alarms and meeting information can all be broadcast via the network. 
The correct use of video, animation, images and text can create timely, compelling and relevant content to attract, inform and engage your audience. The high quality audio and video are distributed over CAT 5E/6 U/UTP copper and multimode fibre optic cables. Voicepath has the knowledge and expertise to work with you to develop your DSN network to suite your individual requirements enabling you to effectively communicate your message to your audience. 

 Meeting Room Booking Systems 

Improve meeting room scheduling with an interactive room booking system. A network based scheduling system with touch screen display provides real-time meeting room information from a screen outside the room or from your own network PC. Systems can be installed as stand-alone or used in conjunction with an existing reservation system such as Outlook. 
A touch-sensitive screens displays an overview of booking status enabling you to book, confirm, cancel or extend a meeting in progress. Bookings that are not confirmed after the start of the meeting are released and the room is made available for new bookings. 
Interactive digital signage incorporated in the display reduces meeting interruptions, eliminates scheduling conflicts and encourages a more effective use of your meeting room space. 
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