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Fujikura 70S+ 
Fusion Splicers 
Voicepath has invested in new core alignment fusion splices by Fujikura. The active alignment system within the splicer will ensure we make low loss splices reliably and quickly. 
Voicepath Attains Cyber Essentials Certification  
Over the past six months Voicepath has been developing a risk management approach to information security to enable us to effectively manage our data and information securely. We are proud to have passed IASME's assessment and have attained Cyber Essentials certification. 
Fluke Versiv DSX5000 Network Analyzers 
Voicepath has invested in the new Versiv platform of testers from Fluke Networks. With capacitive touch screens and cloud management of test results, our future ready DSX5000 CableAnalyzers with CertiFiber Pro® and OptiFiber® Pro will support copper certification to Category 8, singlemode and multimode fibre loss, and OTDR testing. 
HDBT Connectivity 
HDBaseT is the dafacto connectivity standard for professional AV installations. As an integrator Voicepath recognises the technology’s benefits for commercial installations. Our engineers have recently been awarded certification in Advanced HDBaseT Installer Training which enables us to utilise the 5Play feature set; sending audio & video, USB, internet and PoE over a single LAN cable for up to 100m. 
HDBaseT can be used in greenfield installations or in an expansion of an existing set-up as HDBaseT is compatible with legacy technology, thereby maximizing your investment. 
Voicepath Approved  
Paxton Net 10 Installer 
Paxton Net 10 is a fully integrated building intelligence system providing security, convenience and energy efficiency. 
The system comprises a web-based user interface for easy building management and a selection of discreet hardware that delivers out of the box access control, IP video management and building automation. It interfaces with existing building infrastructure to control lighting, heating, air conditioning, intruder and fire alarms. 
Have you Thought About Your Energy Use Lately? 
Power often represents the largest component of overall operating expenditures and energy costs are becoming a fact of life for business today. Do you have the tools in place to identify opportunities to improve your energy efficiency? Ask us about our Panduit solutions and how you can deliver comprehensive infrastructure efficiency through a range of intelligent products, systems and services. 
Voicepath Accredited Polycom Integrators  
Polycom sets the standard for ease of use in video collaboration. As Accredited Polycom Integrators, Voicepath is able to offer RealPresence Group and RealPresence HDX Series to our customers. Both series bring video to a new level of realism while remaining affordable. 
Collaboration has never been easier. Connecting with anyone across your organisation using video is as easy as a phone call and will take productivity to a new level. 
Voicepath is an  
Axis Preferred Partner 
Voicepath is proud to be approved as an Axis Communication Channel Partner. Axis is a market leader in IP digital and open platform surveillance and they are driving the shift from analogue to IP based video and access control solutions. 
The shift to digital camera technology creates opportunities for easier installations and offers high image quality and fully integratable systems with your existing network. 
Voicepath Appointed  
Panduit Approved Installers 
Panduit offers end-to-end copper cabling systems, including patch cords, connectivity and smaller diameter copper cables, with best-in-class headroom warranties. Backed by years of experience, manufacturing success in ISO 9001 facilities and a network of leading distributors, Panduit provides the physical infrastructure you need to support your entire enterprise. 
Monitoring a River 
Voicepath recently completed installation of a river monitoring system for a building located on the banks of a tributary of the Avon River. The river unexpectedly rose one weekend leaving a foot of water on the factory floor for Monday morning . An early warning could provide time to deploy flood defenses so they looked to Voicepath for a solution. 
The detection system installed utilises a pressure sensor to monitor river levels. When the sensor is activated early warning alerts will be sent to key personnel via email. An outdoor day night IP CCTV camera was also installed to work in tandem with the river level sensor so actual conditions can be monitored over the internet from anywhere. 
When is a CAT5e Network  
not a CAT5e Network? 
When it’s installed badly or it is cabled in CCA (Copper Coated Aluminum) 
Due to the global shortage of copper we are finding an increasing number of CCA cable installed as a replacement for Cat5e copper cable by electricians because it cheaper. CCA uses an aluminum conductor that is coated with copper but has higher attenuation properties and is not recognised within the communications industry’s Cat5e or Cat 6 standards. CCA is not a copper conductor and therefore has different properties to copper that can result poor network performance because more packets of data having to be re transmitted when it is corrupted or lost at the physical layer. The effect will be especially prevalent when your network runs exceed 75m due to attenuation and at best will lead to slower network for most users. 
More concerning is the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) over CCA networks which brings about some worrying possibilities due to a real threat of over heating, particularly in applications such as IP CCTV where power is drawn through the network 24/7/365. There is a very real possibility heat will build up faster than it can be dissipated leading to potentially disastrous consequences. 
Some UK suppliers are also selling CCA patch cables to their customers and although performance has not yet been documented, problems are likely to become apparent as organisations upgrade their networks to gigabit or PoE. 
You can certify your network installation will be 100% copper by using an authorised system installer. Your installer will only use CAT5e cable which is tested, CE certified and held to industry standards. Your authorised installer can offer 25 year warranty on your network backed by the manufacturer. Beware of imitations. 
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