Analogue Audit

Pre-Digital Migration Analogue Telephone Audit

A power station with 600 phone lines worked with us to migrate their analogue phone system to a full digital set-up. We conducted nearly two months of survey work, with a constant flow of information maintained to the client throughout, so that the client could make the most informed migration decisions possible.

The Solution

The size and industrial nature of the site were always going to impact continuity of workflow and present our engineers with access limitations. It was important to keep all parties in the flow of information, mitigate access limitations and maintain all of our timescale based deliverables in the correct order of completion. Producing a Gantt chart for the two-month project timeline gave all parties knowledge of what was going to happen and when as well as allowing Voicepath to effectively allocate resources.

The Result

After nearly two months of survey work the report produced provided the client with accurate and up to date information of their 600 phone lines, associated extensions as well as their cable capacity. The information gives the client the tools to make informed decisions on the digital migration, what lines can be migrated, capacity and to determine the best digital upgrade solution for their business.