Rugby Union Local Area Network Upgrade

Our ability to get the job done to a high standard while meeting a tight deadline was crucial in our work with a Premiership rugby club. They commissioned a fibre-optic backbone and CAT6 infrastructure to be completed during the off-season, and the state-of-the-art infrastructure was completed in time for the new campaign.

The Solution

Voicepath installed over 500 metres of fibre optic backbone cabling linking communication hubs throughout the grounds to serve new automated ticket machines, gates, and access points. Despite a few challenges when ducts were not in the locations marked on the plans, our team found alternative routes and pulled the fibre in on time, ready for fusion splicing. All fibres were tested with a light source and power meter to ensure the network would perform to the highest standard.

The Result

Much of the ground was operational during the busy off season with training, functions, weddings and conferences. A result of our careful planning and continual communication with the client, our team remained invisible to the public throughout the duration of the work. Voicepath was proud to be selected and we have given the club a state-of-the-art network infrastructure that will serve them well into the future.